Friday , June 2 2023


On May 28th, 2015 Our News Crows Report A Case Of Homosexual As Pandemonium In Ekiadolor Village As Homosexual Escapes Lynching.

A Young Man Named John Narrowly Escaped Lynched To Death By An Irate Mob Comprising Ekiadolor Village Youths After He As Caught Engaging In A Sexual Act With A Fellow Man In His Family House.

The Ekiadolor Village Youths In Their Numbers Later Went Around The Village Charting War Songs, Denouncing Homosexual And Adulterous Activities In The Village, Speaking With Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) News, The Leader Of The Youths In Ekiadolor Village Mr. Odion Edosa Said The Young Man John Was Seen By His Neighbor In The Village Having Sex With A Fellow  Man Who Name Was Osagie Aigbe.

The Elders  Of Ekiadolor Village Lamented That While Other Young Men Has Gone About Their Daily Activities, John Was Other There Committing An Abomination, The Secretary Of The Youths Mr. Osakue Vowed That The Youths Where Going To Kill And Burn Down The Family House Of John, Unfortunately For John His Father Named Samuel When He Saw The Way The Youths Beat-Up He Son John And He Ask Them To Free John, But The Village Youths Disagree And John Father Took His Hunter Gun And Threated To Shoot One Of The Youth If They Don’t Free John, The Youths Started Dragging The Gun With John Father And Mistakenly The Gun Fired One Of The Youth Member And He Died Instantly.

The Ekiadolor Village Youths In Their Numbers Beat John Father To Death Whose Name Was Samuel.

The Youths Leader Also Said That Homosexual Was A Crime In Nigeria And A Taboo Forbidden By The Ekiadolor Village And To The Benin Kingdom.

A Visit By Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) News To The Family House Of John, The Youths Leader Revealed That All The Family Members And Other Occupants Have Escaped For Fears Of Being Attacked By The Irate Youths Of Ekiadolor Village.

However The Where About Of John Is Unknown As It Was Said To Have Fled For Is Life Upon Sighting The Ekiadolor Village Youths In Fear Of Been Attacked.

The Nigeria Government Has Put On Notice There By Request Any Person Who Has Useful Information About There Where About Of John Samuel Should Inform Nigeria Police Or The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.